December 2012

New Picture (1)Over 50 people participated in a fascinatingĀ discussion about the future of our land use with Chuck Marohn at the Township Municipal Building on January 10. Chuck is the Executive Director of Strong Towns, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on finding solutions for problems with existing land use patterns. Visit for more information.

Chuck presented his curbside chat, which covered the causes and impacts of the current economic crisis, case studies on the finances of America’s development pattern, dead ideas of the suburban era, and proposed strategies for adjusting to the new realities we face.


Bigger Words = More CommentsAt its public meetingĀ on December 11, the Derry Township Planning Commission reviewed a draft of Chapter 1 of the emerging comprehensive plan. Citizens offered input, and further comments are welcome. Just click “Leave a Comment” above and let us know how you feel.