Here are some resources to help you learn more about smart growth and development:

The Five Tests of Smart Growth

Adapted from the North Carolina Smart Growth Alliance

New Haven, CT

  1. Popsicle Test: Can can you walk home from the store before your popsicle melts? Can most daily needs be met by walking or biking?
  2. Smooch Test: Is the place comfortable, safe, attractive, and intimate, suitable for a date-night stroll? Are people—and their ears— shielded from high-speed car traffic? Would you feel good about taking a visitor there?
  3. Kid Test: Can children safely explore a world beyond their own backyards? Can older kids get around on their own, safely developing a sense of self-reliance and autonomy?
  4. Seniors Test: Are elder citizens a welcome part of the mix of residents? Are they engaged and active? Can they get out and about and get their needs met when driving is no longer an option?
  5. Commons Test: Does the development contribute to the overall community something greater than what it takes in terms of natural and community resources? Will it age gracefully and adapt to future uses, or is it designed to be disposable? What does it leave for future generations?

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